Chris Getzlaf responds to fan questions

From May Fleury,

What made u choose 89? And who do u think is the biggest up and comer in out CFL league?

From Jenaya Dressler:

When did u begin to love football ? How old where u when u started playing football?  What's ur favorite thing about football ? What keeps u going when ur playing the game ?

From Chris Stretten:

My question to you is, what are your thoughts on the excellent receiving of Ryan Smith? Do you think it's fate that he looks almost identical to Weston Dressler, comes out of North Dakota, plays like Weston Dressler, catches like Weston Dressler... etc etc etc. With yourself, Weston, and Ryan as a receiving core, you're all UNSTOPPABLE!!!

Chris Getzlaf responds to fan questions

From Roxy:

Many years back teams would have a fullback and a halfback behind the quarterback. Why don't the Riders and many other teams, use two backs to help keep the defence guessing?

From Jan Owen:

Are you going to encourage your kids to play football....or hockey? ;-) What other sports did you play growing up..was football always your choice?

From Brandon Milnthorp:

Hey Chris. I was wondering how you think your performance has been this year and what it would mean to you to play in a Grey Cup at home. Big Fan!


From Dallas:

Where can I purchase the green rider receiver gloves...would look sweet wearing some in our adult OFL touch league...thanks and bring home the cup Getz.

From Corina Relitz:

As a veteran player with the Riders, what leadership role do you specifically play in and out of the locker room? You are having an awesome season, keep up the outstanding work!!!

From Elaine:

Hi Chris... I would like to congratulate you on receiving the Humanitarian award. Everytime I watch a game your saving the day. Always in the right place at the right time, endless energy, a real team player! Tell me what advice you would give youngsters starting out in football about being a team player and showing good sportsmanship. Thanks


From Gil Klassen:

Hi Chris First. Love the way the riders are playing. Keep it up. Second. This is kind of crazy. One of my staff was going through an old California Breakaway picture book we have and saw a picture with a guy that looks like you and named Chris getzlaf. So he called right away and said he can't believe that I never told him we had Chris getzlaf on calbreak in 2001. Honestly I did not remember. That was our biggest year with 168 students on four buses. So I'm asking. Do you recall being on this trip in 2001? If so. I hope it was a good trip for you. We still have it going on better than ever I believe. If not. Sorry to bug you. But still. Go Riders! Took my 3 boys to the labor day game and loved it. Of course Thanks Gil

From Sanjay Grover:
Hello, Mr.Getzlaf!! I am a 13 year old boy form Medicine Hat, Alberta and you have been a great role model for me. I was wondering what is the best speed/agility drill to be practicing. I play quarterback and safety for a bantam football team. Can you please let me know?

From Donna Hodel:

How do you move on after a dropped ball, or missed play, or even a bad game. How do you get out of the mindset and have that 'short memory'... get out there and try again?

Chris Getzlaf responds to fan questions

From Donna:

How do you move on after a dropped ball, or missed play, or even a bad game. How do you get out of the mindset and have that 'short memory'... get out there and try again?

From Cindy Mawson:

Hi Chris, My question is: How do you handle the "haters"? You know, the ones who love you one week then hate you the next.

From Barb Baran:

During the season with the Riders how much time in a day do you spend practicing, watching videos, weights, etc.

From Jaydon Van Veen:

Hey Chris! How do you think the regular season went this year? Did you perform at the level you would have hoped to?


From Shelly:

Do u think there will any new changes to existing rules of the CFL? I was surprised to hear that teams from CFL west division could move over to east for playoffs. Would u rather have played in East or West division for playoffs? Do U see the team doing anything different against Calgary? Thanks and kick some Stamps butt!

From Lisa Amey:

Hi Chris,so here is my question.What do you think the Riders have to do to win against Calgary on Sun?Have a great game on Sunday Chris i will be cheering loud for you guys.....GO RIDERS GO!!!


From Carla:

As a role model what kind of advice would you give a nine year old girl who is being bullied at school for being as they would say "fat"?


From Joan/Dacie:

What is/was your favourite moment with the riders so far?

From Terri:

Have you had either lost anyone close to you from cancer or know someone who beat it? Thought I'd ask a question directly related to the CFL' s recognition of this horrible disease that seems to have an effect on every single person in the world...

Chris Getzlaf responds to fan questions

From Danaka:

Hi Chris, I'm a big fan of your's, always get so excited when you have the football! Just curious about your game day routines, wondering if there's anything special that you do or any superstitions you may have.

From Connor:

What was it like in that locker room after the big win?

From John Moore:

Chris, enjoying the way the Riders have been spreading the ball around to all receivers. The better depth we haqve the more the opposition has to cover everyone. Seems like they were zeroing in on you and big #7. Have you noticed if it has helped you get open more? What % of passes would be to secondary receivers?

Chris Getzlaf responds to fan question

From Will:

After a good stretch of games recently, what do you think is the key to the teams success in the future? PS can you show us Oscar? :)

From Corey Guy:

Hey man i won some tickets to the VIP room at the game on saturday. i guess that includes pregame warm ups so is there a chance to see players then. any chance for an autograph

From Dallas Issac

Hey Chris...congrats on the latest win and the 2 game winning streak you guys have going. You guys deserve a better record then you have right now. Keep up the hard work and determination...rider pride lives strong and behind you 100%...i do have 1 question for you. Where can a person get some of those "Rider Receiving Gloves"....I just joined a touch football league and i would really like to support the riders with those receiving gloves. Last game i had a pick as well as a touchdown but would like to have some sure hands like you. Any info would be great...thanks again and good luck rest of year....

Chris Getzlaf responds to fans

From Dan Millette

Two questions: How much did it hurt to run into that speaker in Edmonton by the endzone? What was going through your mind while the Edmonton player (Prude) was being being put onto a stretcher?

From Sherri Jackson:

Three amazing games followed up by three less than average games where you had it in the bag and dropped the ball. What do you think happened?

From Brenda Moats:

Do you or any of the team talk about the game just played on the trip back home from a road game or does everyone do other things as a distraction. Also do the new players on the team really realize how important the Riders are to the fans in Sask.?


Chris Getzlaf responds to fan questions

From Aime Archer:

Chris: Is there a way to learn from dropping passes or is it just a bad day like most of us at our work? But why does it happen to a lot of players on the same day or is it just a fan observation?

From Katey Arendt:

What is your opinion on the construction of the new stadium? Do you agree or disagree with it? Also. You are my favourite player :)


From Jannell Brown:

You Are My Favorite Player Do You cheer For Ryans Team Or Do Cheer For a differnt team in the nhl Why Do You Wear Number 89