Chris Getzlaf responds to fan questions

From Donna:

How do you move on after a dropped ball, or missed play, or even a bad game. How do you get out of the mindset and have that 'short memory'... get out there and try again?

From Cindy Mawson:

Hi Chris, My question is: How do you handle the "haters"? You know, the ones who love you one week then hate you the next.

From Barb Baran:

During the season with the Riders how much time in a day do you spend practicing, watching videos, weights, etc.

From Jaydon Van Veen:

Hey Chris! How do you think the regular season went this year? Did you perform at the level you would have hoped to?


From Shelly:

Do u think there will any new changes to existing rules of the CFL? I was surprised to hear that teams from CFL west division could move over to east for playoffs. Would u rather have played in East or West division for playoffs? Do U see the team doing anything different against Calgary? Thanks and kick some Stamps butt!

From Lisa Amey:

Hi Chris,so here is my question.What do you think the Riders have to do to win against Calgary on Sun?Have a great game on Sunday Chris i will be cheering loud for you guys.....GO RIDERS GO!!!


From Carla:

As a role model what kind of advice would you give a nine year old girl who is being bullied at school for being as they would say "fat"?


From Joan/Dacie:

What is/was your favourite moment with the riders so far?

From Terri:

Have you had either lost anyone close to you from cancer or know someone who beat it? Thought I'd ask a question directly related to the CFL' s recognition of this horrible disease that seems to have an effect on every single person in the world...