Chris Getzlaf responds to fan question

From Tom Provost on Facebook:

Who's the best qb you ever played with?

From Mike Anderson Kasun on Facebook:

Who would have an easier time playing the other brother's sport, yourself or Ryan? (Keep up the great work and much success this season.)

From Wendy:

Who is your favourite CFL to beat? And which team would you like to beat in the Grey Cup final this year?

 From Jacki:

You have always been a strong part of our team. Last year was a breakout year for you, even with less than great team results. Do you feel added pressure to "fill the gap" this year? You rock Chris - we've always been big fans of you!!

From John Bennett:

Hi Chris my name is John Im from Saskatoon and I would really like to ask you whats the best way to get good at football and play in the CFL. So one day I can be the big receiver rocking mosiac like you are today.If you could really help me out and reply in a video or just email me that would be great thanks!