Chris Getzlaf responds to fan question

From Will:

After a good stretch of games recently, what do you think is the key to the teams success in the future? PS can you show us Oscar? :)

From Corey Guy:

Hey man i won some tickets to the VIP room at the game on saturday. i guess that includes pregame warm ups so is there a chance to see players then. any chance for an autograph

From Dallas Issac

Hey Chris...congrats on the latest win and the 2 game winning streak you guys have going. You guys deserve a better record then you have right now. Keep up the hard work and determination...rider pride lives strong and behind you 100%...i do have 1 question for you. Where can a person get some of those "Rider Receiving Gloves"....I just joined a touch football league and i would really like to support the riders with those receiving gloves. Last game i had a pick as well as a touchdown but would like to have some sure hands like you. Any info would be great...thanks again and good luck rest of year....