Chris Getzlaf responds to fan questions

From Roxy:

Many years back teams would have a fullback and a halfback behind the quarterback. Why don't the Riders and many other teams, use two backs to help keep the defence guessing?

From Jan Owen:

Are you going to encourage your kids to play football....or hockey? ;-) What other sports did you play growing up..was football always your choice?

From Brandon Milnthorp:

Hey Chris. I was wondering how you think your performance has been this year and what it would mean to you to play in a Grey Cup at home. Big Fan!


From Dallas:

Where can I purchase the green rider receiver gloves...would look sweet wearing some in our adult OFL touch league...thanks and bring home the cup Getz.

From Corina Relitz:

As a veteran player with the Riders, what leadership role do you specifically play in and out of the locker room? You are having an awesome season, keep up the outstanding work!!!

From Elaine:

Hi Chris... I would like to congratulate you on receiving the Humanitarian award. Everytime I watch a game your saving the day. Always in the right place at the right time, endless energy, a real team player! Tell me what advice you would give youngsters starting out in football about being a team player and showing good sportsmanship. Thanks


From Gil Klassen:

Hi Chris First. Love the way the riders are playing. Keep it up. Second. This is kind of crazy. One of my staff was going through an old California Breakaway picture book we have and saw a picture with a guy that looks like you and named Chris getzlaf. So he called right away and said he can't believe that I never told him we had Chris getzlaf on calbreak in 2001. Honestly I did not remember. That was our biggest year with 168 students on four buses. So I'm asking. Do you recall being on this trip in 2001? If so. I hope it was a good trip for you. We still have it going on better than ever I believe. If not. Sorry to bug you. But still. Go Riders! Took my 3 boys to the labor day game and loved it. Of course Thanks Gil

From Sanjay Grover:
Hello, Mr.Getzlaf!! I am a 13 year old boy form Medicine Hat, Alberta and you have been a great role model for me. I was wondering what is the best speed/agility drill to be practicing. I play quarterback and safety for a bantam football team. Can you please let me know?

From Donna Hodel:

How do you move on after a dropped ball, or missed play, or even a bad game. How do you get out of the mindset and have that 'short memory'... get out there and try again?